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Toys Appropriate For One-Year-Old Children

Toys Appropriate For One-Year-Old Children

From a fragile helpless little creature who could barely open his eyes, you’ve seen how your little kid bloomed to become the active, curious, and energetic one-year-old that he is right now.

Now is the time when he graduates from the rattles and baby squeaky toys that used to make him burst into a fit of giggles. Now is the time when he progresses to more advanced toys that will be suitable in developing his skills and stimulating his mental growth.

Toys for one-year-old children include:

Stacking toys that come in different shapes, sizes and colors. These toys which include stackable cups, pails, and rings are helpful in introducing your kid to a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. By learning how to stack up these toys his fine motor skills, hand to eye coordination, and spatial awareness are also being improved.

Unbreakable mirrors of assorted sizes. You might have noticed that your kid loves looking at that baby he sees whenever he’s in your arms and you pass by a mirror. Toys like unbreakable mirrors are not only fun and enjoyable for your kid but will also allow for self-discovery which is important in his developmental progress.

Squeeze toys. These toys are good in improving your baby’s grasp and release skills while the squeaky sounds that come from it will make your kid burst into laughter. Give your kid a variety of squeeze toys which can also be used in games like “where’s the toy?” wherein you hide a toy and have your toddler look for it as his problem solving skills are being honed.

Cars, trucks and vehicle toys that do not have small or loose parts, sharp and pointy objects and are made of durable and flexible but safe plastic material.

Building toys such as large building blocks. Because your kid will be able to construct various creations from these toys, this is instrumental in honing his creativity and imagination.

Balls of various colors and sizes. Play baby soccer with your kid to improve his motor skills and eye to foot coordination by swinging him to kick these balls. Or use these balls to teach him about the round shape and the different sizes and colors and sharpen his visual discrimination.

Educational cardboard books with vibrant images and colourful prints. While your kid browses through these books, narrate to him and tell him about the things in the book, “this is a dog” or “this is a house.” This will be beneficial in helping your kid’s conceptual and language development.

Large dolls, plush toys or puppets. Babies are inherently enthusiastic about puppet shows. While these puppet shows are proven to keep baby amused and entertained, more importantly these will teach your kid about the art of conversation and encourage positive interaction. Have a Baby Einstein puppet talk to you and then respond. Talk about funny things or sings songs together.

Toys that mimic real-life gadgets and devices like toy telephones. Imitating older people is how a baby learns about the world around him Use these toys to encourage imitative play and cultivate his social and language development.