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Topic: Italy Travel (12)

Topic: Italy Travel

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Best Bits – Italy Travel Deals

You can settle on savings and cash tips, or, you can indulge on a Monsignor Della Casa Country Resort, Tuscany or a Hotel Villa Del Sogno, Lake Garda. Great Italy travel deals await you no matter what status of your life.

Italy has been one of the world’s best tourist destinations. And when we say the world, we mean people from all walks of life. People who would not mind spending to see the two thirds of world’s historical artistic heritages in Italy – a best of their Italy travel deals. People who would indulge in Italy’s choicest winery or those who would wager on class venues or high-society nightlife– a best of their Italy travel deals. Or, those who would voyage at great length nature’s paramount rivers, alps, island getaways, waterways, mountains, lakes, or vineyards bestowed on Italy, or those who would settle just relaxing and doing nothing – the art of dolce far niente. And, there are those who simply want a chance to live through for once the Land of La Dolce Vita, just soaking up ‘the sweet life’ ambiance of the countryside or backstreets of real Italian living, open-air vegetable and fruit markets, neighborhood bakeries and fresh cheeses made daily, and line-dried laundry, neighborhood piazza talks, and laid-back strolls – another best among myriads of magnificent Italy travel deals – all that takes up the Italian vision of the good life, of simple pleasures and yet of high quality.

Tourists can go on national LIBERATION Day or SANTO STEFANO Boxing Day holidays, or magnificent traditional feasts as PALIO – San Secondo Flag Throwing, Cagliari Colorful Costumes SAGRA di Sant’ EFISIO, CALCIO FIORENTINO Madieval Soccer Match, Genova Ancient Rowing PALIO MARINARO dei RIONI, Genzano INFIORATA Flower festival, Gubbio FESTA dei CERI Race of the Candles, Nuoro SAGRA del REDENTORE Feast of the Redeemer, REGATTA of the GREAT MARITIME REPUBLICS, Taranto Good Friday PROCESSION of the MYSTERIES, Roma EPIPHANY FAIR at PIAZZA NAVONA, or Venezia CARNIVAL in VENICE – on any 40, 000 5-Star Deluxe, 5-Star, 4-Star, 3-Star, 2-Star and 1-Star hotels in Italy, especially low on off-season months November to March, or on a bed & breakfast home-stay in officially recognized guest rooms in private homes, or on private homes offering accommodations easy on the pocket, or on convents, monasteries and other religious institutions offering accommodations, or on palaces, historic homes, or alpine huts, countryside rural cottages and farmhouses on a Farm Holiday, or on day hotels (Alberghi Diurni) offer money changing bureaus, baths, showers, barbershops, hair dressers, shoeshine, dry cleaning, telephones, baggage checking and private rooms for brief periods of 6am to 12mn only, or just go backpacking on choice Italy camping sites or be at home to a Casa dello Studente.

Call Expedia, Orbits, or Airfare, Delta, AirItalia, or BestFares, Suite or Concierge, FAITA, AIG, or ENIT even the Arcivescovado di Roma, because these are just the bit of the best bits of the greatest Italy travel deals for every journey to Italy is a ‘tour artistique’.