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The Unplugged Phone REVIEW: Convenience Or Privacy?

Right here is my testimonial of Erik Royal prince’s Unplugged Phone!

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0:00 Intro: To The Techies, Spec Heads & Normies
1:59 SECTION I: Degoogled Phones and Custom ROMs
7:50 The Competitive Space
12:46 The Unplugged Phone Specs
12:51 LibertOS Walkthrough
15:03 The UP App Suite
15:21 The UP App Store
15:50 App Experience Without Play Services
17:57 UP Customer Service App
19:56 SECTION II: UP Phone Review
20:02 Using Smart Wearables On Degoogled Devices
21:17 Music Streaming Apps
21:59 Unplugged’s Privacy Center And Security
25:06 Advertising ID
25:54 Gaming On UP Phone & Benchmarks
26:50 Does It Work On Verizon?
27:31 UP Camera Test
29:46 Unplugged Phone Pros
33:31 Unplugged Phone Cons
36:57 SECTION III: The Bottomline
41:00 Closing Thoughts
41:57 Disclaimer And Sign Off

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