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Telstra Australia

Telstra Australia

Telstra Australia is the top telecommunications and information services provider in the country. One of the leading and best-known brands, the company offers a complete assortment of services, serving over 9.94 million Aussies fixed telephones lines and more than 8.5 million mobile subscribers. They have the widest geographical coverage all over the nation and cater Australia’s domestic and international voice and telephone transmissions.

Telstra Australia is committed in enhancing every Australian’s way of living. In fact the company is an integral element in the community. Since 1901, Telstra Australia has greatly contributed to the development and progress of cohesiveness of every community by bringing every individual closer through offering impeccable telecommunications services. With their vision to personally know the needs and preferences of every customer and meet their demands better than any other company, Telstra Australia has grown to be an integral component in the country’s technological advancement.

The company has developed an Access for Everyone program that’s is specifically designed to assist every Australian, even the financially challenged to take advantage of the telecommunications access. Telstra Australia gives top priority to residential clients, especially to those who suffer debilitating and life-threatening diseases to instantly access the telecommunications services and assistance.

Telstra Australia offers various business solutions for their corporate accounts that often demand optimum mobility and accessibility. The company constantly keeps pace with the growing demands of the corporate world, and gives access to information at a touch of a button. With their wireless broadband network, businessmen are empowered to have quick, reliable access to critical business information and transactions at any time and anywhere. This is because the company fully understands the importance of meeting deadlines and seamless efficiency in the cutthroat world of business.

The company’s digital GSM network reaches more than 96% of the country’s total population, which means enjoying the widest mobile coverage anywhere in the country. They also have flexible mobile plans that allow you to select which plan would best suit your lifestyle.

As the industry’s leader in innovation, Telstra Australia recognizes and acknowledges the constant challenge and responsibility to meet the expectations of every Telstra subscriber. The company nurtures a lifelong commitment to both social and corporate responsibility as the major provider of services that millions of people seriously rely on. In moving towards a highly active and mobile life, the company is dedicated to the very best and finest quality products and services for every citizen of Australia.