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Samsung S24 Ultra Review: Galaxy Brain

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Yes, the bezels are slimmer. Yes, the screen is flat. And yes: the Pen … still has an S in front of it. But if you’re looking for excitement in smartphones (at least those without a hinge), software is where it’s at these days – and that’s why Samsung has chosen to pitch its newest, most-expensive bar-type Galaxy … as an “AI Phone.”

Yeah, the buzzword I managed to mostly avoid at this year’s CES in Las Vegas finally caught up with me at Samsung’s Unpacked event in San Jose – and here’s the thing: AI does actually make it easier to get excited about this year’s Galaxy Ultra. The only question is … for how long.


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Samsung provided travel to and from the Galaxy Unpacked launch event in San Jose, as well as lodging for the duration of the event and content capture sessions in San Jose and Santa Cruz, California.

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00:00 Another un-innocent, elegant fall …
01:10 Drab phone, fun cases
03:57 The “AI Phone”
07:45 Tello Mobile
08:51 Meet the new camera, (mostly) same as the old camera
11:15 Galaxy AI vs Google AI
12:18 … into the un-magnificent phones of 2024


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