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Samsung Galaxy S23 FE Review | Wait for the S24?

Reviewing the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE (Fan Edition) smartphone, which hits the UK one month before the fresh S24 flagship. I’ve been using the Samsung S23 FE Exynos for over a week as my full-time phone, testing the camera tech, gaming, battery life and beyond. And I’ve got to say, I’d rather go for the regular 2023 model which will be on sale again very soon.

Grab your own Galaxy S23 Fan Edition here:

For one, the camera setup isn’t quite as strong here, although still respectable for the price. You can capture good looking 4K or 8K movies, but that photo quality does dip in the evenings (especially with living subjects). Gaming is also slightly stunted by the Exynos chipset, while the battery life is certainly inferior on the Samsung Galaxy S23 FE compared with the Snapdragon original.

Still, the design is as sleek as usual and One UI 6 has some nice new features. But yes, also still Bixby. Always Bixby. The media chops are solid and at least the 256GB model of Samsung S23 FE doesn’t cost too much more. Plus you’ve got those excellent trade-in deals.

Let us know your thoughts on this Galaxy Fan Edition phone below and stay tuned for my Samsung S24 review in the new year!

Samsung Galaxy S23 FE Review Chapters:
0:00 – Fan Edition or Effing Excessive?
0:51 – Design
2:59 – One UI 6 features
6:36 – Display & audio
8:26 – Performance & gaming
9:44 – Battery life
10:44 – Cameras
15:23 – Verdict