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Punkt MP02 Review || A Great Minimal Phone

Punkt MP02 Review. Today, we take a look at the important areas on this minimal phone and compare it with the Light Phone 2 and other minimalistic devices. The Punkt MP02 is an excellent device for what it offers. If you are someone looking for call, texts, calendar, and other basic tools, this device is for you. Otherwise, consider the Light Phone 2 or other minimal devices. Discover more in my review 🙂

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Chapters ⏲⏲
0:00:00 Intro
0:00:20 Background and TLDR
0:01:03 Call Quality
0:01:59 Text messages
0:03:28 Battery Life
0:04:19 UI and Tools
0:06:21 Security
0:07:46 Quirks about the MP02
0:09:22 Final thoughts and update that’s incoming
0:10:25 Conclusion, Price, and LP2 comparison

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