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Phone Cards – Make Easy And Instant Phone Calls

Phone Cards – Make Easy And Instant Phone Calls

Phone cards are small cards that are decorated with pictures and logos and can be bought to operate public telephones. It is an easy way to make calls on a national and international basis. They are the cheapest source available that offers you to stay in touch with your family and friends.

Types of phone cards

There are several types of phone cards that are available in the market.

– Rechargeable phone cards – these provide excellent deals because the additional minutes you purchase are basically cheaper than the original cost of the card. You can refill the cards anytime by visiting the website of the phone company. You have to receive a PIN number that becomes the permanent number and every time you refill your card, your PIN number gets activated.

– Non-refillable online phone cards – this card does not allow you to make phone calls after the balance on this card becomes equal to zero. These have a validity period of 3 to 4 months.

– IDPhoneCard – this is a rechargeable prepaid international phone card that can be accessible from at least 50 countries all over the world. It has no maintenance charges, no expiry charges, no contracts or hidden charges, and no connection fees. They can be used from any phone lines like office phones, home phones, pay phones, hotel room phones and cell phones.

It is easy to understand the working of the phone cards. You simply have to pay for calling time in advance and reduce the prepaid balance as you continue to make the phone calls. To make a call you have to dial Toll Free Access Number or Local Access Number. After a voice delivers its welcoming speech, you have to enter the card’s PIN number and then dial the Destination number.

Advantages of using phone cards

For those who hang onto the use of phone cards, there are some real advantages.


The online, domestic and international rates are much more cheaper than the services provided by the phone companies. Not only do they help you to bring your phone expenses within budget but also offer calls that are cheaper than collect calls and operator assisted calls.


Phone cards provide solutions to all type of people like travelers, truck drivers, students and international visitors. They can call anytime from their home, office, cell phones, pay phones and foreign countries.


You can get a wide array of phone cards ranging from the lowest to the highest prices. The Internet helps you to get access to PIN number and Access number instantly at any place and at anytime. There are no hassles of phone bills and extra payments.