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My Real Experience with Nothing Phone 2 – Review

In this video, I review the Nothing Phone (2) after 30 days.

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Hey #TechBarArmy
In this video, I review the Nothing Phone (2). This includes an overview of the Design, Display, Battery, Software, Performance, and Camera. This will help you in whether you should buy the Phone (2) or not.

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00:00 Nothing Phone (2) Review
01:14 Design
02:48 Display
03:31 Battery
04:43 Performance
06:08 Software
09:01 Camera
12:00 Conclusion

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Director: Ayush Pathak
Cinematographer: Kashish, Praveenkar ,Vishal,Manas
Editing: Ayush, Praveen & Jatin
Content: Parth Monish Kohli