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Landline Phones for Seniors, Big Button Phone for Seniors, Landline Phones for Home, with Picture Memory Speed Dial Function, Telephones for Hearing Impaired

[Landline phones for seniors]: 3 picture memory speed dial keys, large button number keys, adjustable volume speaker, LED indicator light for incoming call reminder

[Speed Dial]: 3- One touch speed dial memory button with picture, easy to program, you can put photos of family/friends/doctor or emergency numbers on the button, allowing the elderly to easily dial phone numbers he often contacts

[Big buttons]: Easy-to-see large number buttons, ideal for visually impaired seniors

[Incoming call reminder]: Adjustable ringtone volume and visual indicator light reminder, a powerful combination of functions to ensure that you or your family understand incoming calls through sound and visual prompts, very suitable for both visually impaired and hearing-impaired elderly people.

[Landines phones for house]: Home, visually impaired or hearing impaired elderly, patients with Alzheimer’s disease

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