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I’ve Tested 40+ Screen Protectors – Here’s my Top 5 For the iPhone 15

So Zagg released the XTR3, Otterbox released the Pro Glass and Flolab came out with a 3D glass in the last while. Wondering if they are any good? In addition to these new screen protectors, I’ve re-tested other brands who claim to have improved their products as well.

Here’s the Top 5 (w/both direct and Amazon affiliate links):

1. Flolab Nanoarmor 5 3D – Use “MRE10” for 10% off @
2. Benks Glasswarrior –
3. Torras/UltraGlass –
4. DBrand Tempered Glass –
5. ESR Armorite –

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In this video:
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#5 ESR Armorite
-Disappointed with iPhone 15 version; inferior to iPhone 14 variant.
-Poor oleophobic coating, subpar glass strength, not as large.
-Still ranks better than 39 others, competitively priced.
-Regular ESR glass nearly as good, puzzling given the premium version’s -downgrade.

#4 DBrand Tempered Glass
-Surprisingly strong against direct impacts but edges are weaker.
-Edge strength is #26 out of 44, which is unexpected for a skin manufacturer.
-Downfalls are average oleophobic coating and installation tools.

#3 Torras/Ultra Glass
-Torras is similar to generic brands, shares the product with Ultra Glass.
-Strong oleophobic coating, good coverage, and better install tools than DBrand/ESR.
-Direct impact strength and edge durability are above average but not top-tier.
#2 Benks Glass Warrior
-Benks returns with Glass Warrior, a product with impressive oleophobic coating.
-Claims of sapphire coating and upgraded hardness don’t improve scratch resistance.
-Good coverage but doesn’t fit iPhone 15 curves well, has an unusual charge port bump.
-High price at $50, the third most expensive of 44 tested.

#1 FloLab NanoArmor 5 3D
-Anti-glare glass melds with the iPhone 15’s design.
-Exceptional durability with nearly the strongest edge strength.
-Priced at $40, higher than average but offers top-tier performance.
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