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Hotel, Where Does The Name Come From?

Hotel, Where Does The Name Come From?

Hotel, an organization which makes paid accommodation available, generally on a temporary basis. Hotels habitually provide numerous guest services, for example, a restaurant, a childcare or a swimming pool. A number of hotels contain meeting rooms and conference facilities and encourage people to arrange get-togethers and conventions at their own place. No rigid rule of differentiating hotels from other motels is there, though, a Motel clearly suggests that it is intended for motorists. It simply means that it is nothing but a hotel but with first-class access to the highway network. Characteristically, motel means a hotel, made suitable for inhabitants who, for no matter what private reason, wish not to be unable to have rapid right to use from the outer world to the rooms of the hotel without going by the receptionist’s scrutiny or associate guests.

The word also refers to a bar or a pub in Australia. Even in the United Kingdom, many bars, having hotel in their names, do not provide lodging or foodstuff. In India, hotel refers to restaurant as the better restaurants were located near to good hotels.The word Hotel originated from a French word, hộtel. It refers to a French edition of a townhouse but not a building where accommodation is offered. Accommodating people in dedicated buildings has immense antiquity and people of various customs started practicing it. Hoshi Ryokan, a Japanese hotel, which was established in the year 717, is the oldest hotel of the world. Basic lodging of a room with no more than one bed, one cupboard, one small table and one washstand was substituted by modern rooms having en-suite bathrooms, telephones, a television, an alarm clock, broadband connection of internet etc. Drink and food are delivered by a mini bar. Mini-bar is a refrigerator which contains drinks and snacks, coffee and tea preparing facilities etc.

The quality and cost of hotels are normally indicative of the variety of services accessible. As tourism increased immensely all through the globe throughout the preceding decade, standards of the smaller establishment has developed by a huge margin now. Rating system is now brought in for greater comparability. Famous hotels of recent times are, Schloss Cecilienhof in Germany, Waldorf Astoria, Hotel Chelsea in USA, Singapore’s Raffles Hotel, Hotel Sacher in Austria, Russia’s Grand Hotel Europe, Ritz Hotel in UK etc.

Many hotels are termed as unusual hotels, such as, Treehouse hotels like Ariau Towers, Cave hotels like Desert cave hotel, Capsules hotels in Japan, Ice hotel in Sweden, Snow hotels like Mammut in Finland, Garden Hotels, Underwater hotels, Library hotel, Boat hotel etc. Dubai’s Burj al-Arab, world’s tallest hotel is 321 meters high. However, world’s largest hotel is situated at Las Vegas and its name is MGM Grand Las Vegas. The oldest hotel, still operating, is the Hoshi Rokyan in Japan. A grouping or collection of hotels under an identifiable brand name, managed by an organization is called a hotel chain.

A hotel can be of from one star to seven stars. The only seven star hotel, dream of millions of people, is located at Dubai.