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High Income Business Opportunities To Run From Home

High Income Business Opportunities To Run From Home

If it’s high income business opportunities you are looking for, have I got a deal for you!

Perhaps you are planning to start your main home business. Or, you may be looking for a money maker to run on the side.

It is best to find a business that requires little or no experience or skill. It has to have low start-up costs and be fairly cheap to run. Of course, you want a business with a high income and, most important, it should be a business you enjoy.

Today, let’s look at three businesses to run from home. Each one is a money maker.

1) Advertising

Businesses today outsource as much of their work as possible. It cuts costs and streamlines their operations. This spells opportunity for you. Your advertising company would be an extension of your client’s company. You would be responsible for placing print ads, direct mailings, Internet ads, cable TV and radio spots. How to start: volunteer to do some ad work for a friend’s business and a few charities. These will give you experience and references. Contact mailing list companies and go to trade fairs. Advertise your services in trade journals, business newspapers, and phone directories.

2) Telephone Answering Service

There is a huge market for telephone answering services. One friend of mine ran a telephone answering service for years. He hired homemakers to answer telephones in their own home during specified hours. How to start: Research the going rate established firms charge clients and exactly which services they offer. Determine who your telephone answerers will be. The blind as well as disabled veterans are an excellent workforce. Contact the telephone company about the cost of new lines and check out cell phone costs. Advertise your services on the Internet, in the phone directory, in mailings to small businesses and in business and trade journals.

3) Consulting

The consulting field is booming and you can be part of it. The nice part about consulting is that your clients can be located around the world and you do not have to leave your house. Consulting brings in a very high income and you can be a consultant in almost any field. Very few consultants today work in person with the client. Most work by e-mail and telephone. How to start: Choose your field and obtain three or more references to give to clients. Obtain references by consulting for friends and charities. Join consulting organizations, place ads in trade journals, set up your own Website and open a booth at trade fairs.

I hope this gives you some ideas. In a future article, we will examine three more high income business opportunities to find a money maker for you.