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Galaxy Z Fold 4 Full Review: I Have a Crush on a $1,800 Foldable Phone

There are dozens of small ways that Samsung improved the Galaxy Z Fold 4.
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At first glance it seems identical to the Z Fold 3, but it’s a refinement in nearly every way. The hinge is a little thinner. The phone is a little lighter. The bezels on the cover screen are a little smaller. The phone is a little wider, making it more enjoyable to use when closed. Everything about the Galaxy Z Fold 4 feels more tailored.

Read CNET’s in-depth review:

00:00 – Galaxy Z Fold 4 Full Review
01:25 – Many Improvements To Design
02:23 – Fold 4 Screen Crease Evaluation
03:06 – Slimmer Hinge On The Galaxy Z Fold 4
04:10 – Android 12L & One UI On Z Fold 4
06:20 – Flex Mode
07:19 – Cameras On The Z Fold 4
09:28 – Gaming & Processing Power
10:16 – Battery Life On The Z Fold 4
11:38 – Should You Upgrade To A Galaxy Z Fold 4
12:15 – Galaxy Z Fold 4 Is My Favorite Android Tablet

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