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Different Telephone Number Options For UK Business

´╗┐Different Telephone Number Options For UK Business

As a UK business owner, before you choose any telephone option, you want to make sure you have all the facts about different telephone number options for UK business owners. The good news is that you have many different options available to you, which means more choices and more chances to save money for your business. After all, you are in business to make money, not necessarily spend a great deal of it.

What different telephone number options for UK business owners do you have?

Freephone Telephone Numbers:

These types of phone numbers are generally 0808 or 0800 telephone numbers. This means that it is free for your customers to call you, but not free for your business. Some of the benefits of this type of phone number is that your customers will be more likely to respond to advertisement. They will also feel like you are a business that really wants them as a customer. Furthermore, it has proven to be a great advertisement tool for many UK businesses.

The down side to freephone numbers is that your business is responsible for the costs. For each minute your customer is on the telephone, your business is charged.

Local Rate Telephone Numbers:

This is one of many different telephone number options for UK business owners, that offers long distance customers the ability to call the company and receive lower rates than traditional long distance calls.

This type of plan offers encouragement for phone calls and is flexible in its routing options. The down side to this type of plan is that it generally requires a large connection charge per routing option and a rental charge each quarter, along with other traditional charges.

National Telephone Numbers:

This type of plan allows UK businesses to maximize on their potential income. This type of number, which is generally an 0871 or 0870 number, requires callers to pay special rates when they call the number.

The benefits of national numbers include customer loyalty, a potential to increase income for your business, and take advantage of routing options. The downside is that many customers don’t want to pay to call these types of phone numbers.

VOIP Telephones:

VOIP phones are phones that run directly off of your broadband internet. This is a great way to take advantage of two services at once. This type of phone also operates with a traditional telephone and works in the same way, except that it runs off of your internet connection.

Benefits of VOIP is that it can be a cheaper option than other different telephone number options for UK business owners. It also helps you combine two services in one bill. Furthermore, it is easy to install and to get started.

Some disadvantages of VOIP phone include the fact that if the electricity goes out, it is highly likely the VOIP phone features will not work.

Overall, these are great different telephone number options for UK business owners, you just have to choose the right one for your specific business, its budget, and its needs.